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Richards Boulevard Office Complex

The 1,250,000 square foot Richards Boulevard Office Complex (RBOC) features four high performance, collaborative and interconnected office buildings, a rich amenities program calibrated for the needs of building occupants, and a unique landscaping program.

Featuring an integrated approach to sustainability and with an eye on triple-bottom-line value, the project will exceed Title 24 by more than 15% and achieve the lowest practicable EUI. The project is being designed to achieve zero net energy (ZNE) and zero net carbon (ZNC) for the entire site through State-purchased carbon free green power.

The individual design of each tower conveys the significance of the civic functions housed within, while authentically reflecting the River District’s eclectic industrial character through the choice of materials including timber and metal. The site’s landscaping offers shade trees aligned to reinforce pedestrian circulation and wayfinding.

A central public open space, the Town Square, and landscaped walkways at ground level tie together the podium and four towers into a coherent and inter-connected user experience. The towers are further connected by a three-story bridge between the two north towers, and a second level timber bridge across the Town Square, which forms a weather-protected link between the east and west of the campus.

Amenity spaces are integrated into the podium, which is bisected by the Green Pathway, the central circulation spine that connects one end of the site to the other. CEL is providing a full range of special inspections and material testing services to support the project team in the completion of this major project.

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