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"CEL provided an experienced and seasoned project team with extensive experience at the University of California Seismic Retrofit projects."
Bob Fox, University of California Berkeley

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A Social Media Business (Statistics and Trends)

Starting any business is a tough task – it takes a lot of work (more than most people realize) but it can also be very rewarding. More and more people are askinghow can i buy instagram followers me about starting a social media businesses. People want the freedom to be their own boss, and realize that social media marketing is a HUGE and GROWING opportunity. I remember a few years ago a “business coach” (over 65 years old) tried to convince me that social media was just a fad. Facebook is now 10 years old and growing, and almost 100% of young people are using social media. It isn’t going away. It is growing. Now is the time to start your social media business to take advantage of the shift in marketing.

social media

Social Media Statistics for the the B2B Marketer

Would you have imagined Instagram as an international marketing tool? Or have guessed just how popular Google+ has become? We can find fascinating insights into how and what how to buy instagram followers for free people do in their everyday life through social media statistics. With the rise of inbound marketing techniques and an increase in business marketing, especially in the B2B world, these statistics not only reflect what people are doing during their personal time but also show how people are using social media to generate revenue.

Online Business Increase brand awareness

One of the main benefits of social media marketing is the easiest to recognize: Social media is an excellent way to introduce people to a brand. Despite the Field of Dreams notion some business owners have that "if you build it, they will come," if people are unaware of a business or a website's existence, how do u buy followers on instagram they can't shop there (Kevin Costner was dealing with ghosts, who have a lot of free time to meander around cornfields). Because social networks are used by more than two-thirds of the country, and given the way content spreads virally to others, social media is the perfect channel to promote a brand to potential customers. Relevanza reported that 78 percent of small businesses attract new customers through social media.