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"CEL provided an experienced and seasoned project team with extensive experience at the University of California Seismic Retrofit projects."
Bob Fox, University of California Berkeley

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Effective Skill Moves / the best tricks in FIFA 17
In FIFA 17 a lot of skill moves from the previous parts were greatly attenuated, the explosive was more specifically taken away, which has a the winning edge, such as the step-overs. In addition to the "No Touch Dribbling" can be in my opinion the following skill moves are running quite well:

  • Shot deception / Scoop Turn: District and shortly afterwards X
  • tap the right analog stick in the direction and then in the opposite direction: Heel to Heel
  • Drag Back: L1 + R1 and the left analog stick the opposite direction tap) FIFA 17 Hack Coins

 The training / How can I improve targeted?
Many people ask me how to specifically improve his skills. Here's a little tip to. It is not always important to do a lot of games. It is important to make games and focusing on a focal point, which you want to improve. 
For example: Will I learn a new skill move, then I concentrate in the game on this skill Move as often as possible to run successfully, regardless the end result. I'd rather lose ten times in a row and rule the trick than to win a few times and have learned nothing in the end. oneself systematically improve their point by point, which makes a good player out. FIFA 17 Astuce